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Artistic Experience


  • Danced in a Buenos Aires milonga with El Chino Necchi. See video.
  • Danced with Tempo Tango Company in the show Thriller, which won the 2018 Premios Tango, category “Best show/spectacle for outstanding labor in 2017.”
  • Dancing with Tempo Tango Company for the 100 anniversary of Vedia




European tour, June-October.


  • March: Participated in the Tempo Tango Company’s show Proyecto Graña, which was part of Festival Cambalache, a prestigious tango festival in Buenos Aires.



  • Joined Tempo Tango Company (Ignacio González Cano, managing director and choreographer) as teacher and dancer of traditional and stage tango. Performed in several shows, including Graña Project, Taco Teco, and Four Nights.


  • July: Toured Turkey (stops in the cities of Istanbul, Izbir, Antalya and Bodrum) with the  company Estampas Porteñas and its show Tango Feeling, with tango partner Guadalupe Ponzelli.
  • February 2011 – December 2014: Professional dancer in the prestigious dinner-show
  • “Madero Tango,” directed by Nicolas Cobos and Paola Jan Jan. Taught beginner tango class for attendees after every show. Read a review (scroll down to p. 46).


  • Participated in the Choreography Seminars / 2nd Edition within the Buenos Aires Tango Festival, where the most important dancers and choreographers of Argentina created tango pieces with professional tango dancers. Milena Plebs was the choreographer and organizer of the event. Participating choreographers were Pablo Inza, Leonardo Cuello and Alejandro Cervera.

  • November: Taught at Queer Tango Festival in Buenos Aires, and performed with Diego Gonzalez. Read a newspaper article. Queer Tango Festival is the most important queer tango festival in the world. See a magazine article in “D2” (Oslo) below.


  • June: Toured Peru (cities of Lima, Arequipa and Trujillo) as professional tango dancer with Ballet de Cámara, directed by Juan Pablo Ledo, first dancer of Teatro Colón (Buenos Aires opera house).
  • Participated in 2009 CITA (International Congress of Argentine Tango) as Luciana Valle’s assistant.
  • Was one of the teachers of Queer School, the first queer tango school in Buenos Aires where both roles were taught for all genders.


  • 2008-2010: Professional  dancer with three of the most traditional  tango shows in Buenos Aires: Sabor a Tango, La Cumparsita, and South Bar. Taught and conducted seminars on traditional tango before each show.
  • Assistant,  Javier Rodriguez’s tango salón seminars.
  • Taught and directed prácticas  in traditional Buenos Aires tango venues, including Club Sunderland, Salón Canning, and Villa Malcom.
  • September: Toured Mendoza (Argentina), with Ballet Chamber, a Juan Pablo Ledo company.
  • July: Toured Athens (Greece) with Jane Sjoeholm (tango teacher in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia). Gave  a folkloric dance seminar (on zamba) in Milan at Giovanni Bermon’s tango school.
  • May-July: Joined Lakao Production (José Castro’s company) for the musical “Paris – Buenos Aires.” The musical included tango, folklore, and malambo.
  • April-June: Performed as tango dancer in the musical Sebastian Tango, directed by Ruben Cuello. See article in Balletin Dance magazine below.


  • Assistant, Luciana Valle’s Nuevo Tango seminars in Villa Malcom.
  • September: Performed with “Ballet Compacto,” a company of Teatro Colón’s firsr dancer Karina Olmedo.
  • July-August: Worked as tango dancer in Mykonos, Greece, in prestigious Argentine restaurants (Sin, owned by Dionysios Proios, and Castello di Sabbia). Danced in the most amazing places on this beautiful island.
  • June: Performed with tango partner Nuria Hortiguera on the theaters of Corrientes Avenue, together with world champions of tango salón Dante Sanchez and Ines Muzzopappa.
  • May: Performed in Romeo and Juliet at the Teatro Coliseo in Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires province. Ballet adapted by Guido de Benedetti and including principal dancers of the Teatro Colón, Argentina’s iconic opera house.


  • December: Performed with Ballet Neoclásico de Buenos Aires in a farewell function that included Etudes, Satiric, Papillon and Lovely Pop. Choreography by Pablo Desse, Liliana Belfiore and Guido de Benedetti (former Teatro Colón first dancers).
  • April-May: Performed with the Ballet Neoclásico de Buenos Aires at the Centro Cultural Borges.
  • Toured Mar del Plata, Argentina, with Romeo and Juliet. Ballet adapted by Guido de Benedetti and including principal dancers of the Teatro Colón, Argentina’s iconic opera house.




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