It all began in the folkloric dance school of my neighborhood in the year 1990.
In 1993 I began my  studies in one of the most important dance academies of Argentina, the Ballet Brandsen, founded and directed by Mabel Pimentel and Oscar Murillo. My teacher was Marcela Szurkalo.
When I was 14 years old I joined the folkloric dance company Araucán, with which I participated in dance festivals throughout Argentina. At Araucán, I also started taking tango classes from Hugo Daniel, a well-known Argentine tango teacher and choreographer.
In 1999 I left Araucán to fully concentrate on refining my studies of  traditional tango with prestigious masters such as Don Jorge Rodríguez, Carlos and Rosa Pérez, and Mingo Pugliese. With them I acquired the fundamentals of tango, and learned elegance and style. They have made a deep imprint in my dancing.
During 2001 and 2003 I studied classical ballet with Luis Agüero (former dancer of the Teatro Colon) in Noemi Cohelo and Rodolfo Olguin school.
Ballet Compacto of Karina Olmedo (Etoile of Colon Theater)
Between 2002 and 2005 I studied at Cecilio Pagano dance school, where I was a scholarship recipient. At this school I performed classical ballet repertoire, including Genzano‘s pas de deux Flower Festival, Paquita, Splendor, Swan Lake‘s pas de trois, Who cares – the man I love, Giselle, Corsaire, and Don Quixote.
In 2002 I also auditioned to enter the National Art Institute (IUNA) dance school. My ballet teachers at IUNA were Hebe Campidoglio, Estela Saladino and Miguel Gómez; jazz teachers were Teresita Manccini and Manuel Vallejos, and modern dance teachers were Rodolfo Prante (fly low), Claudia Barreta (Graham) and Liliana Tocacceli (Muller).
A pivoting point in my dance career also took place in 2002, when I trained in classical ballet and elongation biomechanics with Alfredo Gurquel (1926-2014). From him I learned body awareness and biomechanics, and how both allow us understand our movements from muscles and joints.
During 2005 and 2008 I was part of the Ballet Neoclásico de Buenos Aires, where I trained with Argentine ballet stars such as Liliana Belfiore, Pablo Desse, Guido de Benedetti and Rita Caride.
Between 2007 and 2015 I studied with Luciana Valle, from whom I learned important new concepts that helped me to modernize my tango dancing.
I am currently studying with Javier Rodriguez, refining the dynamism, skill, and quality of my dancing.